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This 6-Year-Old Now Loves His Greens!

Tan Ye Ming is a graduating K2 student of Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool. Five years ago, his parents started adopting a vegetarian diet. But before turning three, the little boy was so repulsed by the taste of vegetables that he would throw up whenever they were served to him. After joining the PreSchool, he has not only learned to enjoy his greens, but also transformed his character.  

Preschooler Tan Ye Ming:
I’m Tan Ye Ming. I started joining Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool when I was 3.

I didn’t know how to fold clothes then, but a teacher taught me how to do it. Then Mum and Dad can have a rest.

Ye Ming’s parents are now happy to see their son help with household chores. However, the little boy used to worry them a lot. The atmosphere at the dining table at home used to be very tense, because he disliked fruits and vegetables, and this was a challenge for his vegetarian parents. 

Ye Ming’s father (Tan Yok Liang):
If he didn’t like to eat something, he would not eat it. He was so headstrong that he would throw up everything that he had eaten together with the food that he didn’t like. So we were very worried.

 There were a few times when I tried to change him by force. I’d tell him I’d throw him out if he refused to eat his greens. But it wasn’t effective. He only started changing after being influenced by the environment of Great Love PreSchool. It taught him to be less self-centred.

During these few years in Great Love PreSchool, Ye Ming has visibly transformed. 

Ye Ming’s mother Ong Li Chuin:
His father is really happy. He used to vomit when he was given veggie, but now he will help himself to it. It’s really moving to see that.

Preschool Teacher(Chen Jiayu):
Before he even ate the veggie, he would start to throw up. So we needed to prepare him mentally first. For example, if we were serving watermelon, we’d let him know and told him we’d only give him one slice. If he said yes, we’d let him try it. Gradually, he was able to accept fruits and veggies. I’m very touched to see that he’s no longer picky on food and happy that he’s slowly improving.  

Ye Ming’s mother (Ong Li Chuin):
Although the teachers are not his own parents, they can do so much to guide him. I’m really touched. It is a big transformation, which cannot be bought by money.  

Now, Ye Ming is a darling to everyone. His transformation was made possible by patient guidance and a learning environment imbued with humanistic values. All this has helped him build a strong foundation in the preschool years.

(大爱新闻 李嘉仪 戴小庆 新加坡慈济基金会报导)






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