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Duration | 1:46

Category | Humanistic Culture

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Enriching and Enlivening the Lives of Seniors at CDAC

Among the programmes launched by the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) to promote happy aging is the “Seniors Learning Kiosk”, where various activities and talks on different topics are held every week. Tzu Chi volunteers were invited to conduct four classes at the CDAC centres in Yew Tee and Punggol, to guide seniors to lead healthy and meaningful lives.

It is better to speak less, and best to speak kindly.

Under the guidance of Tzu Chi volunteers, these seniors learn Jing Si Aphorisms by arranging some word cards.

Are you all happy? Happy! Bring the Aphorisms back and use them! Yes!
Since the CDAC launched the “Seniors Learning Kiosk” in 2017, it has been holding activities and talks of different topics at 4 locations, to help seniors increase their knowledge and broaden their vision.

Tzu Chi volunteer
Jian Xiang Yun
We came once previously, and their response was very good. I made instant rice, and they were very interested in it. This time, they asked where they could buy it. I’m very happy and see the seniors as papas or mamas talking to us. They see us as family, and we can also introduce Tzu Chi to them.

If you add one spoonful, it’ll taste even more delicious.
Based on the needs and interests of the seniors, the volunteers shared with them information on health and environmental protection in fun ways, and received an enthusiastic response from them.

Senior citizen
Ho Geok Lian
I feel very happy and learned many things. I’m actually very lazy and don’t exercise. But this exercise is very good, because I can do it anywhere and anytime at home. It’s very good and very simple.

Senior citizen
Cheong Yoke Yen
Very good, we learned a lot of things, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, I hope you all come more often多一点来, 他everytime带给我们很多惊喜。

It’s very good. We learned a lot of things, such as healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. I hope you will come more often, because you bring us a lot of surprises each time.

The volunteers mindfully guide the seniors through various activities, thereby enriching and enlivening their lives.

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