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A Difficult Child Learns to Care for Others and the Planet

Kady Low was only 15 months old when she entered Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool. She has turned 6 this year and has been with the childcare centre for 5 years. As the only daughter at home, she gradually developed a self-centred personality, and would throw tantrums whenever something displeased her. Under the patient guidance of her teachers at the Great Love PreSchool, little Kady learned to control her temper and her relationship with her mother improved, too. Now, she not only helps her mother with household chores, but also cares for the environment.

6-year-old Kady Low is helping out during lunchtime. She’s her teachers’ little helper. But nobody would have thought that her teachers used to feel helpless with her.

Lin Mei Fang PreSchool teacher
In N2 and K1, at first, she would cry every day. she could really cry for quite long and really loud.
Lee Chia Fei PreSchool teacher
When others said something about her which she didn’t like, she would cry to show her displeasure.

Yvonne Yeo Miow Kiang (Kady Low’s mother)
When she wanted something, she must have it immediately. I felt very helpless then, because I really didn’t know what to do. She was very stubborn and I was impatient, too. So we often had clashes with each other and couldn’t do anything about it.

During her 5 years at Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool, Kady, who used to be very stubborn, became a gentle girl, who has learned to control her temper, despite her young age.

Kady Low En Ting PreSchool student
Forgive and forget, because (to be able to) forgive is good

Lin Mei Fang
PreSchool teacher
When she is going to throw tantrums or cry, we will look at her and remind her that there are other ways of expressing herself instead of crying or throwing tantrums. She can learn how to communicate with us in a calm manner.

Yvonne Yeo Miow Kiang(Kady Low’s mother)
She would tell me that her teacher told her to take a deep breath, keep calm and then take a few steps back. It really helped her. The relationship between us has actually improved.

The change in Kady has improved her relationship with her mother, and her dietary habits have changed, too, from a meat- to a plant-based diet. She also stopped using disposable utensils.

Yvonne Yeo Miow Kiang(Kady Low’s mother)
We didn’t use all these plates and utensils previously. Then, Kady always told me not to use disposable utensils anymore, because we must save the earth and recycle.
Because plastics make the earth fall sick

The change in this child has positively influenced her family. Such education with love will help the child through her growing years.

(大爱新闻 张玉佳 蔡赞泽 新加坡慈济基金会报导)

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