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Duration | 2:51

Category | Miscellaneous

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Offering companionship for migrant workers quarantined in isolation facility

Coronavirus was fast spreading in many foreign worker dormitories in Singapore. In response to the crisis, many temporary isolation facilities were set up by government organizations and dormitory operators across the island to quarantine those who are tested positive. Tzu Chi Singapore was invited to work together in this project to help make the isolation facilities in Tuas a safe and comfortable place before it was scheduled to start operating in May.

Tzu Chi volunteer :
You will notice that there are 5 sections on each table, keep 1 meter apart, find a spot to stand.

One week before the isolation facility was ready for use, volunteers finished packing 3600 gift packs with limited manpower and limited time.

Tzu Ching, Sim En Qi :
I saw many images of the living condition in the foreign dormitories from the social media. I saw the anxiety on their faces, and I feel worried for them. If I were a migrant worker, I would be very sad and long for someone to care for me.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Beh Bee Ping :
I couldn’t bear to see them this way, their families in their home country must be worried too. I give them my blessings, we will get through this pandemic together.

The volunteers were also here to decorate the isolation facilities in detail.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Seah Jia Jun :
The migrant workers have done so much for us, our residences and living compounds are built by them, it is a thought from me to repay them for their contributions towards Singapore for so many years.

After the isolation facility goes into operation, our volunteers will be doing shifts to care for the healthcare workers. Some of them will stay home to pick up any calls from the isolation facilities to help solve the issues faced by the migrant workers. The migrant workers will also be receiving Jing Si Aphorisms in the language they are familiar with every day, to help calm them down.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Beh Keng Hua :
As 90% of these migrant workers are Bangladeshis, we have invited some Bangladeshis and Indians to help with the translation work, to make the migrant workers feel warmer at heart by delivering positive energy to them using their language. We had very little time to prepare for this entire process. Although it is difficult, we can still do it. We want them to know that although they are in a foreign country, there are still many people who care for them and love them.

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