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Duration | 1:30

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi delivers hearty vegetarian meals to encourage vegetarianism

Epidemic Relief Programme for Tzu Chi Care Recipients has entered the third phase. Through regular calling of the care recipients, volunteers are up to date with their current situation and needs. By evaluating the needs of the care recipients in six categories namely food, clothes, accommodation, transportation, education and entertainment, the care recipients receive direct assistance from the foundation to meet with their physical, mental and living needs during the Circuit Breaker period. 

 As for their three meals a day, we found that some care recipients are living alone and have limited mobility, hence they have no way to take care of their three meals properly. In view of this, Tzu Chi volunteers initiated a meal delivery service, hoping to provide these care recipients with hearty and warm vegetarian meals during the Circuit Breaker period. 

 To promote vegetarianism to care recipients Tzu Chi Singapore integrated the service of taxi drivers and hawker centre workers to take care of the health and livelihood of the care recipients while adhering to the regulations set by the government.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Gooi Seak Wah:
By delivering food to our care recipients is to love those whom Master Cheng Yen loves. Thanks to the entire CEO department for coming up with such a programme allowing them to have a hearty meal by having their meals served on time.  

Not only must the delivery be punctual the temperature of the food must be maintained as well. Each household receives two insulated lunch boxes in order to ensure safe distancing during the process of food delivery. 

Tzu Chi care recipient, Lin Rui Zhen:
It is convenient it is easier for me. With this food delivery service at least when I received the food. I just need to reheat it before I eat. 

Tzu Chi care recipient, Fu Fang Ming:
I am very touched. With such food delivery service from Tzu Chi I am very satisfied. I hope you guys will continue doing this. 

 Amid a pandemic volunteers uphold the spirit of both compassion and wisdom to not only take care of the needs of the care recipients but also adhere to the circuit breaker measure.

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