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Duration | 1:26

Category | Miscellaneous, Reflection

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Supporting medical front liners with free vegetarian meal delivery 

Medical front liners in Singapore are facing a lot of problems and challenges during the pandemic. There are a lot of workflow and management systems that must be readjusted to suit the current situation. Therefore, a vegetarian meal delivery programme was initiated by Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore so that these medical front liners can eat well and not eat in a hurry during lunch time.

With the aim of letting medical front liners to eat well and eat slowly during lunch hour,a vegetarian meal delivery programme was initiated by Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore. Beginning 13 May, vegetarian meals will be delivered to medical front liners and medical departments twice a week for six consecutive weeks.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Tan Tee Tee:
These medical workers, their job is to safeguard people’s health, however, they might neglect their own health. This is the reason for launching this programme for medical workers.

Hopefully, this direct and timely meal delivery could help save them some time.

Medical Officer, Dr. Timothy:
We have to face with a lot of issues and challenges in this battle against COVID-19. There are a lot of medical workflow and management systems that need to be readjusted. I find Jing Si Aphorisms to be very motivating to us. It reminds us to focus on the present moment, and inspires us to care more for those who need to be looked after. I would like to thank you all on behalf of everyone, because you have shown so much care and helped those who are in need.

The fight against the pandemic is not the sole responsibility of the medical front liners, it takes the entire nation to follow the prevention measures strictly and also be accommodative and supportive of the medical front liners to overcome this pandemic.

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