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Duration | 2:12

Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Witnessing the growth of Tzu Shao at the last Tzu Shao class of the year

The unforeseen outbreak of the new coronavirus had disrupted the monthly Tzu Chi Teenagers (Tzu Shao) class. In order to make the classes interesting to these Tzu Shaos, Tzu Chi youths (Tzu Chings) and volunteers spent a lot of time designing the courses and integrating the content of a Tzu  Chi publication titled 撒下好命的种子》 (meaning “sow the seeds to manifest a Good Life" in English) into the curriculum so that the Tzu Shaos can have fun while they learn. In line with the pandemic preventive measures, the last Tzu Shao class in 2020 was held with students being distributed into small groups across the island. The graduating Tzu Shaos were also given the opportunity to share about what they have learned and gained in Tzu Shao classes through video and live presentation.  

During a fun game session, Tzu Shaos recalled what they have learned in the past year.

In line with preventive measures, 84 Tzu Shaos were allocated to different locations across the island for the event.  

We must first calm our Tzu Shaos, and then tell them how to handle the pandemic. Most of these were shared online.

Incorporating positive values into the syllabus, Tzu Chings and volunteers did their best to find ways to make learning fun for the Tzu Shaos.   

Tzu Ching, Sheryl Lim: We would think of different ways to interact with them during the online classes and make the games more interesting. They can learn while they play the games online. We have also invited different people to conduct classes which the Tzu Shaos were interested in.

Tzu Shao, Deng Jia Yi: I joined the parent-child bonding class since primary 3, and I’ve been in Tzu Chi for 7 years since then. I learned a lot from Jing Si aphorisms over the years.

Graduating Tzu Shaos also shared about what they have learned along the way. Chew Jia Xuan who has been a Tzu Shao for 4 years, not only learned to donate for a good cause but is also doing her best to contribute using her skills.  

Tzu Shao, Chew Jia Xuan: I started an Instagram account to sell handwritten notebooks which I designed. The money I earned are donated to Tzu Chi because I want to help people in need. I feel that I have grown up after graduating, take on more responsibility, to contribute to Tzu Chi

The graduates are now more matured. The transformation and things they learned during their Tzu Shao classes will be helpful in their growing up journey towards adolescence.     

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