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Duration | 1:56

Category | Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Training Camp 2020

It’s been almost a year since all people interaction are taken online. As the pandemic is gradually brought under control, the Tzu Chi Collegiate Youth Training Camp for year 2020 was allowed to be conducted offline, with the condition that all prevention measures were complied with. Tzu Chings cherished this camp very much as they could finally get together after so long. The training had also equipped the youths with more knowledge and understanding about Tzu Chi, thus strengthening their will to remain in Tzu Chi.

As the local Covid situation is brought under control, the Tzu Ching Cadre Training Camp 2020 was allowed to be conducted offline. However, restrictions on the number of people permitted and time constraint must still be complied with. Therefore, around 70 youths had to be segregated into two places to attend the training. It’s been six months since they last sat together for discussion.

Tzu Ching Annie Chua Manyi
I’ve never thought that we would need to see each other online. This made us cherish our face-to-face time more.

Speaker:No killing is not just don’t kill animals, but also don’t harm any living creature.

Apart from lectures on Tzu Chi’s Missions and Tzu Chi's Ten Precepts, students also understood these topics better through the discussion and sharing process.

Tzu Ching Annie Chua Manyi
It is actually beneficial for us to uphold all these precepts. It’s not restrictive, but help to guide our actions and morality.

Tzu Ching Amelia Gunawan
Before this camp, I did not really understand why we have medical mission, because we are not doctors. (Now I know) it is not only about (treating) illness but also healing hearts.

Tzu Ching Ong Jia Hui
I thought charity assistance is a one-off thing, I never thought that it would affect the beneficiary permanently. What Tzu Chi advocates is to truly help them become independent. I feel that charity can really help many people.

Video:New volunteer, first time here.

Adhika from Indonesia has only started attending Tzu Ching activities this year. She witnessed hardships and realized how blessed she is during charity home visits, and that has changed her perception about life.

Tzu Ching Adhika Shanti
I’m busy with work and tired. And I often work late. But I live my life more happily, because I know I need to be mindful and grateful.

This group of Tzu Chings who are either still studying or have already graduated are practicing what they learned and are unleashing positive energy on the path of benevolence.

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