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Duration | 1:47

Category | Charity

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

“Super Sunday”: Helping Renal Patients Stay Positive and Active

Tzu Chi Singapore has established the Renal Support Group to deepen the care for care recipients with kidney failure. With the aim to uplift these renal patients and encourage them to live a healthy and active lifestyle, an online programme titled “Super Sunday” was launched by the Renal Support Group in July 2021. It is a 45-minute bi-weekly online programme covering topics such as health, art, cooking, mindfulness, etc. The broadcast of the first episode attracted the participation of 40 renal patients.

Tzu Chi care recipient, Maznah:  After this pandemic, I seldom go outside, I stay inside the house

During the pandemic, staying at home has become a habit for Maznah, a renal patient.

On this Sunday afternoon, under the companionship of her home visit volunteers, Maznah tuned in to the “Super Sunday” online programme launched by Tzu Chi Singapore Renal Support Group.

Alex Chen, Social worker: Staying at home is the theme of the programme. We cover a variety of topics such as health, art, cooking and mindfulness. We hope that by having a diversified theme, it can make their homebound living more fulfilling and interesting. 

Moving the entire body for 45 minutes, Maznah was happy to follow the simple exercise movements led by physiotherapist and TCM practitioner.

Tzu Chi care recipient, Maznah: It’s very good, serious, I hope every dialysis patient go and involve yourself in this programme, you will be more confident about yourself. Not so worry how to do this, how to do that

Tzu Chi volunteer, Hor Kam Chin: She is very happy. You see how happy she is today. She still walks around downstairs (after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions). Coupled with this slow exercise which is suitable for her, it is good for her health.

After beginning their dialysis treatment, renal patients have to face many challenges mentally and in daily life. The bi-weekly online programme is broadcasted with the hope of bringing positivity to help these renal patients live life proactively.

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