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Duration | 2:14

Category | Charity, Education

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

Third season of "Mentoring with Love" programme ended with joy and gratitude

Tzu Chi youths in Singapore have been conducting an online mentorship programme to guide the children of Tzu Chi care recipients on their homework since May 2020. Now, the third season of the mentorship programme has come to an end. It was initially intended that the youths could meet their mentees face to face during this Thank You session. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the event had to be conducted online. Prior to the event, the youths had carefully prepared small gift packs and delivered them to each mentee at their home. On the day of the event, Tzu Chi youths and the children thanked each other and had a joyful time interacting with each other. Together, they concluded the third season of “Mentoring with Love” programme with gratitude in their hearts.

At the end of the third season of the Mentoring with Love programme, Tzu Chi youths held a Thank You session online so as to comply with the ongoing safety measures. Before the event, the youths had prepared little gift packs to be sent to each mentee at their home.

 Programme coordinator, Tang Min Hui: In this fun pack, we have reusable cutleries, Jing Si Cocoa Flavour Instant Mix, and materials that will be used on the event day. We wanted to make this an offline event initially, but offline activities are prohibited. So, we thought of giving something to the children to let them feel warm at heart.

During the online session, 17 children and 35 Tzu Chi youths were happy to meet each other. Besides making handicrafts together, some children expressed their gratitude for the companionship of the youths through singing.

Due to the fluctuating pandemic situation last year, primary and secondary school students had to do home-based learning for a few months. Aleysha, who has a shy personality, had participated in the programme for close to a year. Not only has she showed improvements in her grades, she has also befriended Tzu Chi youths.

Aleysha:I coloured this card for you, and wrote something for both of you.

Mentor: So sweet!

Aleysha , daughter of a Tzu Chi care recipient: I feel much more confident in my studies, and I can see more improvement in my Mathematics and English. I hope I can see my mentors again, maybe we can like meet each other again, I miss them

Physical separation does not separate people at heart. The online interactions had been equally warming. Sending each other their gratitude and blessings, everyone looked forward to seeing each other face to face soon.

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