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Category | People

Organisation | Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore)

“Your spirit will live on forever” - In loving memory of Brother Sim Hee Chew

On 6 June 2021, a member of Tzu Chi Singapore Board of Directors cum leader of Tzu Chi Singapore Entrepreneurs Association, Mr. Sim Hee Chew, affectionately known as Grandpa Sim, has passed on peacefully in his sleep on his 72nd birthday. The late Grandpa Sim was a witty and responsible person. He was very generous with his donations and time to contribute to charity. For more than ten years, he had devoted himself to the promotion of Tzu Chi’s missions and had been a stabilising figure to Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore. His memorial service was attended by more than 800 people, including family members, business partners, and Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore and abroad, both online and offline.

The friendly smile on the photo is his signature look. He is the familiar grandfather figure to Tzu Chi Singapore volunteers. On 6 June 2021, Tzu Chi Board of Directors member, Mr. Sim Hee Chew, passed away peacefully in his sleep on his 72nd birthday.  

Convener of Tzu Chi Singapore Entrepreneurs Association, Ng Chuan Lim: It’s really heart aching. We have lost a recognised role model. It is truly shocking.

Entrepreneur, Sok Hang Chaw: We invested together, had discussions together, went abroad together. You have guided me to share and do good. You showed me how to lead people sincerely and be grateful, all these have benefitted me a lot.

Safety measures were strictly observed during the memorial service. More than 800 people, including family members, business partners, and Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore and abroad, had attended the memorial service online and at the scene. Many have left their condolences message online. A dharma master in Jingsi Abode had also passed on Master Cheng Yen's message.

Dharma Master De Rang: Cheng Yen deeply believes that disciple Ji Yang had been benevolent, upright, and without any mental disturbance. He has vowed to “leave and return quickly with a healthy body, and come back to Tzu Chi to take over Tzu Chi’s missions and pass on the dharma lineage.  

For more than ten years, Sim Hee Chew had gradually handed over the businesses of his multinational companies and devoted himself to promoting Tzu Chi’s missions. He had searched for lands, raised donations, visited the poor and sick, and was always very occupied with serving others, yet, he never complains. He had been a reliable person that people could lean on.

Low Swee Seh, Tzu Chi Singapore CEO: I remember once during Buddha Day, we had to invite around 5000 people to attend the ceremony. He alone had managed to invite 500 people, and he told me that he had made 1000 phone calls. He then delivered the necessary attire to each person’s residence. He was extremely humble and that was how he led by example.

Life is very short. It passes in the blink of an eye. Just like what Master Cheng Yen said, instead of wasting our life away, why don’t we seize the present to create values in life.

Although Grandpa Sim’s practical and interesting life has come to an end, his exemplary spirit will be engraved in our hearts forever.

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